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This kind of breeding is typical for small rural enterprises of the province of Zhejiang. They are commonly family businesses or, like here, small village corporations with a very limited number of individuals participating. They are usually located at the margins of the villages where they can easily be set up on the adjacent fields. They huts are made of wood, straw and plastic covers.

These 3000 ducklings are only one week old.

The lightening and the covering plastics produce sufficient warmth to maintain a high level of humidity. This humidity and heat are necessary to raise the ducklings safely. For several days the farmer’s couple will take turns 24/7 to feed and water the ducklings. They will also disperse the ducklings with a broom so that they do not cram on each other, hence risking suffocation.

It will take 5 months before the ducks will start ponding eggs and bringing income to the farmers.